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Personal representation of my itinerary.
(all Images by Eden Garton with exception to
Revolving Door, Peanut Butter Cup, & Bike,
text from Eileen Gray: A House Under the Sun)

Image of Instalation via x-commons.com

Individual Paths, Stress, Light Durration,
Students with people, Noise, Stress Duration,
Number of People/Activity, Waypoint Distribution,
Temperature, Number of People, Realtion to Water

Psychogeographic mapping of one afternoon in March 4, 2020. 

Mapping Catalyst Team
Joshua Brellenthin
Eden Messner Garton
Laura Grace
Mady Gulon
Megumu Jansen
Gabrielle Laliberte
Terri Leung
Enrique Mendoza
Julie Panek
Mary Roggenbuck
Nishchinth Shankar

Grga Basic 
Gabriel Cuéllar